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About the Csa2 Apple II FAQs

This is the Csa2 (comp.sys.apple2) Apple II FAQs as recognized by USENET's
news.answers. FAQs content comes, chiefly, from postings to Apple II newsgroups
in the Csa2 family. All contributions are credited.
The Csa2 FAQs consists of Questions and Answers grouped by topic area and
Resource files which help to answer some questions. All Questions (by topic) and
Resource files are listed in "Contents". Clicking on a topic name takes you to that area.

     Each topic, such as "Accelerators", has its own area with all of its Questions listed.
Clicking on a Question here will take you to a place which presents the Question and the
Answer. Clicking on the underline beneath an item takes you back to the Questions list.

     FAQs Q&A contents are available here on web pages and elsewhere in plain text form.

Text files are in PC format; so, Apple users who download the files may discover unwanted
control characters. These are automatically removed by Appleworks-- i.e. you may not
even know they were present. IIgs text viewers such as Shadowrite and CoolWriter
include Modify Text 'Strip Control Characters'options
which quickly and easily clean out the PC stuff.

Another consideration when viewing or printing out text files is font spacing.
To properly display or print charts, etc. the user should select a mono-spaced font
such as Courier or CoPilot. The standard Apple II 'Text mode' display uses mono-spaced
characters; so, the correct spacing is maintained when viewing under Appleworks or
some other Text mode display program.

HTML-Ron Clark was the first to offer an HTML version of the Apple II "FAQs on
Ground" and start the ball rolling. Dr. Tom was next with an HTML-ized FAQs.
Today, it is common for distributions of the Text version to be HTML-ized on
various FAQs archives.

The full HTML version maintained here is named "USENET Apple II FAQs".

     FAQs Resource files- These are pics, diagrams, mini-manuals, programs, etc. which
are referenced in one or more FAQs answers. Resource files have names like
R004STEREO.GIF and R007BATRAMM.SHK. They are listed and
briefly described with links in the Main Hall-2 "Contents" area.
Except for a few mirrors, FAQs distributions do not
include the Resource files.

 Updates- The HTML version maintained on II Computing is continually updated
and will always be the most current of all Apple II FAQs versions. An
"update" means a change. It does not necessarily mean that all links on the
page have been checked. That kind of update happens every few months.

Some pages-- e.g. Major Sites and Game Sites-- are date/time stamped.

"December 2016 rev 225.1211.2044" means ...

December 2016- Month and Year are shown

rev 225- This is revision 225 (incremented each month)

1211- Month and Day is December 11th

2044- Time (24-hour) is 2044 (8:44 PM)-- times are Central Time.

This distribution includes the CSA2 Programmer FAQs. It was started
later than the main Apple II FAQs and has a lower revision number.

FAQs  December 2016 Update (Revision 225)

    There have been a number of changes since the last release. These include
updates to site listings and other pages as well as format
adjustments to better fit a variety of net browsers.

Since this revision is presently on-going, there will be more corrections,
additions, etc. over the next few weeks.

For updates to the listings of developers and their products (maintained
on GS WorldView) please email information for inclusion in the
listing to me at the address shown below.

     Thanks to those who have suggested modifications and posted answers or
sent contributions which have been incorporated. Notifications
regarding new sites and changes are welcome.

As always, feel free to send information pieces, diagrams, etc. for both established
and new FAQs Q&A or resources. Ideas, suggestions, and FAQs content
contributions can be emailed as Text or attached as .zip files.*

Best wishes to all Apple II users!

Rubywand, FAQs maintainer, 12 December 2016
rubywand@swbell.net -*note: include "apple" in message title