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    Games.  ......

 001- Where can I get games for my Apple II?
 002- Where can I find hints, docs, pics, and other game information?
 003- Where can I get game creation programs and information?
 004- What are some games in double-hires?
 005- Which IIgs games will not run on a ROM 3 IIgs?
 006- Where can I find out about A2 Infocom & Infocom-style games?
 007- What games, etc. are on the 'Asimov Want List'?
 008- For disk space used, what is your favorite Apple II game?
 009- Where did the Apple II Game Gods go?
 010- Are there any games which play 'old Apple II' music during action?
 011- Are there any new games for the Apple II/IIgs?
 012- How do I get my Apple II game site listed in the FAQs?
 013- How do I play the games?

From: Rubywand, Zeprfrew, Charles T. Turley, John Beatty,
          Netrunner68, Marc Sira, Swigg, Steve Evans, Jm

001- Where can I get games for my Apple II?

     There are many places you can get Apple II software, especially games:

1. Local Apple II Users Group (may be part of a Mac Group in your area)

2. Sellers of original and second-hand software (See ads on the
comp.sys.apple2.marketplace newsgroup and sites, like KulaSoft, A2Central.com,
and Shareware Solutions II.) Also check the Apple II FAQs Vendor listings.

3. Regular posters to this newsgroup will often send diskettes with some
   utilities and games for the cost of diskettes and mailing.

4. Apple II archives maintain large collections of software which
   you can download via PC and transfer to your Apple II. (See the
   Apple II Game Sites and Major Apple II Sites pages. )


002- Where can I find hints, docs, pictures, and other game information?

     Several of the larger game archives offer docs, hints, cheats, and
walkthroughs. Fewer go into copy deprotection and copying.

     Three very good collections of Apple II game hints, docs, cheats, and
solutions are on ...

Apple II Textfiles

Asimov or an Asimov mirror

GS WorldView's Archive

     You can find screen shot and game box pics-- great for making disk
labels-- on some sites; but, no single archive or web page offers anything
like a comprehensive selection.

     Author, publisher, and historical information is relatively rare. One site,
The Giant List, does a good job listing game authors along with their games,
publishers, and dates.

     If a game or series has its own web site, this will often be the best place
to look for docs, support materials, pictures, and author/publisher info.
Good examples are sites for Ultima, Bard's Tale, Infocom games, and the
games published by Penguin/PolarWare.

     For links, see the Apple II Game Sites page.


003- Where can I get game creation programs and information?

     There are a number of gaming systems which include Apple II software
for creating games. Examples which continue to attract new authors are
Eamon (Text adventures)  and Explorer/gs (Ultima-style adventures).

     For links, see the Apple II Game Sites page.


From: Thry, Mitchell Spector, Rubywand, Kevin Loesch, John L. Graham,
          Edhel Iaur, Shawn T. Beattie, Kelly Petriew, Sam "GS Ed",
          Donald C. Lee, John Le Febvre, Jay Edwards

004- What are some games in double-hires?

     Below is a listing of Apple II games which are entirely or mainly in
double-hires. (In several cases, a game was also released in a super-res
version for IIgs.)

Air Heart
Bad Dudes
Battle Chess
Black Cauldron
California Games
Card Sharks
Corruption (Text/Dhgr)
Death Sword
Dragon Wars
Global Commander
Gold Rush
Heavy Barrel
Hunt for Red October
Impossible Mission II
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Ikari Warriors II
Into the Eagle's Nest
King's Bounty
King's Quest (I, II, III, IV)
Last Ninja
Legend of Blacksilver
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the lounge Lizards
Los Angeles Crackdown
Maniac Mansion
Might & Magic II
Mixed-up Mother Goose
Pipe Dream
Police Quest
Press your Luck
Rad Warrior
Space Quest
Space Quest II
Spy vs Spy III
Star Trek: First Contact
Strategic Conquest
Street Sports Baseball
Street Sports Basketball
Street Sports Football
Street Sports Soccer
Temple of Apshai Trilogy (optional hires or double-hires)
Tetris (Hgr/Dhgr)
The Games : Summer & Winter Edition
Transylvania (Dhgr version)
Victory Road
Universe II
World Games
Zork Zero


From: Sevag, ...

005- Which IIgs games will not run on a ROM 3 IIgs?

     Some older GS games have been converted to run on a ROM 3. These
are games that I found to not work (I tried all versions):

Alien Mind (cracked version)
MJ Basketball
Shuffle Puck
Captain Blood
Skate Or Die
Star Wizard

and one demo:

Weaky Demo



     I found a version of Streets Sports Soccer that runs on ROM 3-- its the
one without the crack screen on bootup. So that game is gone from the list now.


From: Rubywand

006- Where can I find out about Infocom & Infocom-style games
     I can play on my Apple II?

     A good start is a series of fantasy game articles published, mainly, in the
August through November 1999 issues of GS WorldView and since added
to from time to. These are now interlinked for easy perusal.

     The articles cover 1990's through early 2000's interactive fantasy competition
releases, Infocom's Lost Treasures I and II, a 'missing Lost Treasure', plus some
more recent Zork series releases. Coverage includes brief descriptions plus
download links. A convenient way to get into the articles is to go to GSWV's
Archive and click on "Infocom & Infocom-type Adventures".


007- What games, etc. are on the 'Asimov Want List'?

     Games and related wares which users have requested be uploaded to
Asimov  (at  ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/incoming/ ):


Arcade Volume I from Keypunch Software- It had several nice action
  games by "Rod" or "Hot Rod" including Sea Hunt and Galactic Glider.
Berzerker Raids
Car Builder
Conflict in Vietnam (probably needs to be in .nib form)
Cross Country Canada
Dragon Fire (not the arcade game)- The title screen had inversed text,
  centered, and it said DRAGON FIRE; definitely low-res; the maze is
  a rip off of Super Dungeon and Dragonmaze. I think the character was
  four squares big, and was red. ...  Probably from Level 10.
Empire II: Interstellar Sharks (1982, EduWare)
Empire III: Armageddon (1984, EduWare)
Gertrude's Puzzles (The Learning Company)
Gertrude's Secrets (The Learning Company)
Gwendolyn (1983, Artworx)  picture-text adventure
Hot Rod  and  Hot Rod 2
Ice Demons- You use the paddles to control 1 or 2 characters that shoot
  arrows at demons that emerge from platforms of ice. One of them was a
  happy face; one of them was a happy face with sunglasses.
John Madden Football
La Femme qui ne supportait pas les ordinateurs (The woman who couldn't
  stand computers)  by Chine Lanzmann
Match Boxes (Broderbund)
Music Construction Set (mouse-capable version)
Pride and Predjudice
Quintic- listed in Nibble Vol 7 No 2, February 1986
Rogue Trooper
Sign of the Wolf
Silent Service (8-bit version)
Star Warrior
Starflight 1 and 2  (PC only?)
Thunder Cloud
Toy Shop (Broderbund)
Transportation Transformation
Wizard War


Genetic Drift  (instructions and hints)
Three Mile Island


Apple Intercourse


Wings Out of Shadow (Berserker Works) - Sallyraphael (aka Knockstump)
Star Crystal (Ba'rac Limited) - Sallyraphael (aka Knockstump)
Odell Lake - Chris M.
Super Dungeon (Programma) - aghwerhefw
Think Quick - Sam
Kaves of Karkhan (LEVEL-10) - Mike Maginnis
Karateka II, both parts - Sallyraphael (aka Knockstump) and xorxif
Alkemstone (LEVEL-10) - xorxif and Mike Maginnis


From: Mookie Harrington, A2MG, Paul Guertin, Tony Turner,
Matt Jenkins, Donald C. Lee, Dennis Doms, John L, Roy Miller,
Jay Edwards, Joe Kohn, John Minkov, Michael Crimlisk, Mary Sauer,
Dave Althoff, Rubywand, A2BOBR, GSMANIAC, Erik Struiksma

008- For the space used on disk, what is your favorite Apple II game?

     Here are the results from postings to Csa2, Cea2, and Apple II
forums on Delphi:

Ali Baba
Alice in Wonderland
Alien Mind
Balance of Power
Bard's Tale
Bard's Tale II
Boulder Dash
Bounce It
Castle Wolfenstein
Caverns of Freitag
Computer Baseball
Dark Forest
Dark Heart of Uukrul
David's Midnight Magic
Death Sword
Eamon games
Flight Sim II
Infocom text adventures
John Madden Football
Kings Quest I, II, and III
Lady Tut
Legacy of the Ancients
Lode Runner
Marble Madness
Mean 18
Montezuma's Revenge
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pacman
Olympic Decathlon
Panzer Battles
Pick 'N' Pile
Pitfall II
Prince of Persia
Reach for the Stars
Rescue Raiders
Robot War
Robotron 2084
Rocky's Boots
Scott Adams' Adventure games
Sherwood Forest
Silent Service
Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter
Spare Change
Stellar 7
Struggle for Guadalcanal
Super Bunny
Sword of Kadash
The Lurking Horror
Ultima IV
Up 'n Down
Wavy Navy
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Wings of Fury
Wizardry I - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Wizardy V
Wolfenstein 3D
Zany Golf
Zork Zero


From: John Romero

009- Where did the Apple II Game Gods go?

Interesting bit of info: about a year and 1/2 ago, i was touring Sculptured
Software in Salt Lake City, UT.  I had just finished talking to the Mortal
Kombat team and was rounding a corner, passing some offices and i noticed a
name on the door, "Peter Ward".  I instantly thought, "NO WAY!".  There was
a guy in the office and i said, "Are you Peter Ward???!!"

The guy said, "No, Peter is at home, sick right now."

Me: "Is that the same Peter Ward that created Black Magic for the Apple //?"

Him: <slight pause>  "Wow. You are the ONLY person i've ever met that knew
that. That was a LONG time ago!"

Me: "Oh man, i am a BIG fan of Peter's work. I even have some of his earlier
stuff -- South Pacific Quest, remember that one?"

Him: "Nope.  I gotta tell Peter about this!"

I've never heard from Peter though.

Another interesting tidbit: remember Threshold?  It was THE COOLEST Space
Invaders clone ever to grace an Apple // screen (actually it was more of an
Astro-Blaster clone).  It was created by Warren Schwader (he also did that
Cribbage game that had a bad bug in it.)  Well, back in March 1992, we of id
Software travelled to Sierra (Online) to show them a pre-alpha version of
Wolfenstein 3D.  Sierra was interested in buying id Software back then (for a
very, very CHEAP price!) and we wanted to show them our new 3D technology
to get them all juicy.  Well, i was asking Ken Williams if he knew where any old
Apple // guys were and he said he had ONE still working at Sierra.  He brought
us into a room with an older guy and said, "This is Warren Schwader."
Instantly, i was saying, "We're not worthy!  We're not worthy!  Threshold was a
KICK ASS game!  You created a legend!"

Sierra balked at our asking for a $100K advance payment on the buyout, so the
deal died and we released Wolfenstein 3D.

That summer of 1992, just after Wolf3D was released, John Carmack and i drove
to Kansas City for one of the last A2-Central conferences.  We brought a laptop
and a copy of Wolf3d with us because, lo and behold, Tom Weishaar got ahold of
Silas Warner (creator of the original Castle Wolfenstein) and had Silas give a
seminar.  What a night.  Carmack and i sat out in the hallway for hours talking
to Silas and Bill Heineman about all kinds of old A2 stuff.  We have an
original Wolf3D manual with Silas' signature on it.  It's framed.  :)

Am i on a roll or what?  I have even more info....

As soon as The Secret of Mana was released, i bought it because i absolutely
LOVE Squaresoft's games.  I worship at the altar of Squaresoft. :)  As soon as
i plugged the SNES cart in, i just sat to watch the demo. (BTW: always, ALWAYS
sit and watch game demos. Lots of work goes into them and sometimes there's
very useful stuff there.)  I was reveling in the beautiful music and unfolding
Mana Tree graphic when the first line of the credits scrolled up.  "PROGRAMMED

(sorry 'bout the caps.)

I was blown away.  If you want to experience the epitome of 65816 game
programming after 15 years of practice (5 of that being 6502), get The Secret
of Mana for SNES and luxuriate in the masterful codesmithing of Nasir once
again.  Nasir is one of the Old Ones, alongside Bill Budge, Bob Bishop, Olaf
Lubeck, Don Fudge, etc, etc.  I could go on and on.  I remember every game
and every name.

And here's another one...  :)

In 1995, i went to the Computer Game Developer's Conference in Santa Clara.
It was fun seeing and talking to other game designers.  Well, at the CGDC there
was a Job Fair, which is where people go to get information on various
companies so they can try to get a job there.  There were many companies
represented at the Job Fair.  This is so funny: Dan Gorlin was at the Job Fair
and he walked over to the Broderbund booth and talked to them.  He even had a
name tag on, but the Broderbund people HAD NO IDEA WHO HE WAS!!!
The creator of one of Broderbund's biggest titles (okay, a while ago. :) was
talking about the guy that created Choplifter and Airheart!  Amazing!  I mean,
how many other games of Broderbund's have been ported to a stand-up coin-op?

Well, i haven't heard about what Dan's been up to nowadays, but.....another one
of Broderbund's previous blockbuster programmers HAS been busting his hump for
a while on the NUMBER 2 RPG game of 1995 (voted by GamePro magazine)!
The name is Doug Smith and the game is The Secret of Evermore (SNES).  What
did Doug do for Broderbund???  Well, he ONLY CREATED LODE RUNNER!!!!
Sierra just brought Lode Runner back into the light recently, since they had it
updated for the PC.

Whew.  That tired me out.  But i have more.  If anyone here is an old Apple //
game fanatic, i'd love to trade email with ya.  Especially if you have any
juicy info on Where Are They Now?

| John Romero                   |
| johnr@idsoftware.com          |
| id Software, inc.             |
| Release date: When it's done. |


Nov 2003 Update

I have an incredible amount of information to share regarding the whereabouts of
several Apple II legends…..and also write about the amazing Apple II Reunion that
I had back in 1998 in Dallas at my company Ion Storm.  I have 6 hours of
videotaped interviews with Nasir, Bill Budge, Warren Robinnett, etc.  I also have
an audio cassette with interviews of Dan Gorlin, Joel Berez and others.  I need to
get this stuff in MPG and MP3 form…. Hopefully in the next few months I'll be
doing that.

John Romero
Project Lead, Design Lead
Midway Home Entertainment


From: ANO_NYMOUS and Erik Struiksma

010- Are there any Apple II games which play music using
    'Old Apple II' sound while action is happening?

     Try Microwave by Jim Nitchals and Jay Zimmerman. Jim worked on sound
drivers with Steve Hales (primarily for the Mac) under the company name Halestorm.
The company and its technology was later sold to Thomas Dolby's Headspace.

     Another game that plays music through the speaker while your character moves
is Dig Dug.

     In both games the sound is a bit on the choppy side.


From: Rubywand

011- Are there any new games for the Apple II/IIgs?

     Yes. Games introduced since the late 1990's include ...

Eamon #242: The Dungeon of Traps (in GSWV's Archive*, click "Games")

Garden ( http://drhirudo.pdroms.de/ )

GShisen 2000 (on A2Central.com)

Infocom-style Text games: HLA Adventure, Zork UU, and many others (in GSWV's
 Archive*, click "Infocom & Infocom-type Adventures")

Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio: The Tournament Edition (in GSWV's
 Archive*, click "Games")

Shipwrecked (in GSWV's Archive*, click "Games")

Silvern.Castle (on Ground; see Collections folder for Jeff Fink;
 also check A2Central.com)

Sparks (in GSWV's Archive*, click "Games")

SuperMarioBros/gs (on IIGS Haufbrauhaus)

SuperQuest v5.51 (in GSWV's Archive*, click "Games")

Tom Bomben ( http://www.deater.net/weave/vmwprod/tb1/tb_6502.html )

Ultima/gs (Shareware Solutions II)

Wolfenstein-3D (On Sheppyware)

*GS World View's Archive page

For links to sites mentioned, go to Major Apple II Sites.

To add a new game to this listing, email rubywand@swbell.net .


012- How do I get my Apple II game site listed in the FAQs?

     Send an email describing your site to the Apple II FAQs maintainer at ...

rubywand@swbell.net .


013- How do I play the games?

     You have several options:

1- Download disk images (e.g. .dsk, .nib, .2mg files) and use these as virtual
disks to play the games on a PC or Mac via Apple II or Apple IIgs emulator
software. Popular Apple II emulators include AppleWin and Apple Oasis.

Normally disk images will be in .zip or .gz compressed form when downloaded.
Use WinZip or a similar utility to uncompress these files.

For more emulator references and download info, see Q&A 003 in Csa2APPLICS.
For info about disk images, see related Q&A in Csa2FLUTILS.

2- Download and uncompress the disk images of games you want to play. Then,
transfer the images to your Apple II (or IIgs)-- e.g. using a NULL modem
connection and either a dedicated .dsk transfer utility like ADT or a general
telecom utility such as ProTerm, Modem MGR, or Spectrum. On your Apple II
or IIgs the images can be converted to diskettes.

Many Apple II and IIgs games are also in compressed ShrinkIt form. These may
be whole-disk (.sdk) files or file archives (.shk files).  Sometimes ShrinkIt
files are maintained in .zip form; which means you will need to use WinZip or
a similar PC/Mac utility to uncompress them to .sdk or .shk form after
downloading. After transferring to your Apple II or IIgs, use 8-bit ShrinkIt
or GS-ShrinkIt to uncompress the ShrinkIt file.

ShrinkIt disk archives usually yield a DOS 3.3 or ProDOS disk which you boot
to play a game. ShrinkIt file archives for a game usually yield one or more
files and a program intended for running under ProDOS. Some file archives
yield files intended for execution under a shell (such as ORCA/M) or via an
interpreter (such as Frotz or one of the 'Lost Treasures' Infocom

For info about converting disk images and using ShrinkIt files , see related

For more about transferring files, see Csa2T1TCOM.

3- Go to a website which lets you play Apple II games on-line.

     Besides the above, other routes may involve using Apple II software which
can directly access some images (i.e. without conversion to diskette) or using an
Apple II board in your PC or Mac.